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There is no body like your body. There is no mind like your mind. There is no soul on this planet like your soul, and there is no person who has lived the life that you are living. You are a beautifully unique being, and your path to being radically well is just as unique. Here You’ll find information & Inspiration to support & serve you along your way.




Food as Medicine



About Ayurveda







Whole Health Coaching

Your Unique Program

The key to changing your current state of health is just that- change. And change can be so hard. In your program, you and I work together to figure out not only what right changes that will actually work for the life you live are, but how to realistically make those changes in a way that is sustainable for you.

A La Carte Offerings

The Right Service For You

Sometimes it's not a whole health transformation that we need. Sometimes it's just a certain area of our lives that needs some extra attention. Be it your Mind, your Body, or your Soul, we can nourish that part of you with the right service and practice. 

Trainings & workshops

Knowledge Is Power

I offer courses and workshops in Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Yoga, Trauma Aware Yoga, and Therapeutic Yoga. I teach the public, yoga teachers in training, and continuing education for yoga teachers. All courses are available for booking.

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