the many facets of you, all getting the attention they need

Ayurveda is a holistic health modality that addresses the WHOLE person- mind, body, spirit, life events, social life, work life...everything.

A lot of Westerners are familiar with Ayurveda in regards only to spa treatments, but it's really soooo much more than that.  Ayurveda is the traditional medical model of India, dating back thousands of years.  It's an all-encompassing healthcare system that includes pediatrics, gynecology, internal medicine, surgery...all the things that we're familiar with in our Western model, just from a different perspective.  It's still used there today as a stand-alone medical practice, and alongside and interwoven with allopathic (western) medicine.


The word “Ayurveda” directly translates to “Life Science.” In addressing a patient or client, an Ayurvedic Practitioner doesn't just look at the physical body, but their entire being and life. We are multidimensional beings, whose dimensions exist as one- every part of us affects other parts in one way or another.

Physical issues will have an effect on our mental and emotional selves, just as an emotional issue will effect our physical and mental selves. A mental issue will most certainly have consequence on our physical and emotional selves, and a life event will most certainly have consequence on our mental, emotional, and therefore physical self.

We can think of our whole-being as a spider's web- we are incredibly sensitive, and no part of us can be touched without the vibrations being felt in, and possibly affecting, every other part in some way. Ayurveda recognizes this and therefore aims to treat the whole person. But before treating health issues that arise in us, Ayurveda aims to prevent them from happening to begin with.

This is something that is very much lost in our western health-culture, and is what I find to be one of the most important parts of Ayurveda. Maintaining health in Ayurveda means to maintain balance in the body, mind, and spirit. Basic Ayurvedic protocols that maintain balance and treat imbalances are essentially preventative medicine

Ayurveda helps to prevent illness before it happens, support the body during illness, and aid in recovery by restoring and maintaining balance in the body through:

  • Food as medicine: Diet that's best for your constitution (your dosha)

  • Yoga and other exercise that's best for your body

  • Meditation that's most suited to your mental constitution

  • Herbal therapies, both internal and external

  • Routines and rituals to regulate body and mind

In an Ayurvedic Health Consultation, you have the space to be yourself, to be honest and open with what's happening for you right now, without judgement.


Ayurveda takes in to account that every human is unique, and what works for one person, may not work in the same way for another.


There's room here to have a real conversation about you, and to consider your unique body constitution, the way your mind works, your emotions, and what's going on in your family and work life. You and I will work together to bring you back to balance in a healthy and sustainable way through diet, lifestyle, yoga, and meditation practices that are catered to your specific needs. 


What to Expect

An Ayurvedic Health Consultation typically lasts about an hour.  During the consultation, we address your whole being, body, mind, and spirit, on a general level, and specific wellness issues you may be currently facing. You will learn what your own constitution (dosha) is, and we will discuss what dietary habits and lifestyle practices may best suit you as a unique individual, and changes that can be made to meet your wellness goals. Depending on your location, we'll either meet in person or online. Once you book your appointment, I'll send you forms via email to fill out and return to me prior to our appointment time, so that we can spend our session really addressing what's going on for you. 

After our first consultation, future sessions can include specific lessons in cooking, mediation, and yoga practices, or any other aspect of Ayurvedic lifestyle.  


Contact me to schedule your own Ayurvedic Health Consultation, and we'll work together to figure out how to best restore balance in your life. Consultations can be done in person or online. Click here to find out more about what's involved in an Ayurvedic Health Consultation. To learn more about Ayurveda, and Ayurvedic lifestyle, check out my Ayurveda blog here