Bring balance back into your life.

Ayurveda sees you as the unique individual that you are. We address your whole self, restoring balance in your life in a way that works for you.

In an Ayurvedic Health Consultation, you have the space to be yourself, to be honest and open with what's happening for you right now, without judgement. 

There's room here to have a real conversation about you, and to consider your unique body constitution, the way your mind works, your emotions, and what's going on in your family and work life. You and I will work together to bring you back to balance in a healthy and sustainable way through diet, lifestyle, yoga, and meditation practices that are catered to your specific needs. 


What to Expect

An Ayurvedic Health Consultation typically lasts about an hour.  During the consultation, we address your whole being, body, mind, and spirit, on a general level, and specific wellness issues you may be currently facing. You will learn what your own constitution (dosha) is, and we will discuss what dietary habits and lifestyle practices may best suit you as a unique individual, and changes that can be made to meet your wellness goals. Depending on your location, we'll either meet in person or online. Once you book your appointment, I'll send you forms via email to fill out and return to me prior to our appointment time, so that we can spend our session really addressing what's going on for you. 

After our first consultation, future sessions can include specific lessons in cooking, mediation, and yoga practices, or any other aspect of Ayurvedic lifestyle.