Fennel Seed


So much healing potential for every body lays within this tiny seed

Ah fennel seed, my most trusted and favorite of after-dinner "mints".

There is a reason why a bowl of fennel seed and sugar is brought to you after your meal in an Indian restaurant! Like coriander, it ignites the digestive fire without encouraging pitta imbalance, but the real gem of it for me is that it's safe to use in cases of inflammation in the digestive system.

You can make a tea of fennel seed, or you can just chew up a 1/4 teaspoon or so of lightly roasted seeds after your meal. Here are a few medicinal qualities of fennel in addition to it's wondrous digestive uses:

Aids in alleviating intestinal spasms

Helps reduce bloating and symptoms of indigestion

Reduces nausea

Benefits the urinary system

Helps relieve muscular spasms and cramps, including menstrual cramps

Reduces congestion in the lungs

Helps increase flow of breast-milk in breast-feeding mothers

Helps to clear the mind

Fennel is sweet, pungent, and bitter, VPK=, and has a slightly heating energy

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