Spiced Coffee

Coffee Coffee Coffeeeeeeee. It's one of those things in the holistic health world that is always debated and every other year there are new studies telling us why we should or shouldn't drink it. For some of us with sensitive digestive systems, it doesn't matter either way because it give us problems no matter how much we enjoy the taste. 

If you've studied or dabbled in Ayurveda and Ayurvedic practices at all, you've probably read articles or books that advise you to give up coffee completely, because it's drying, acidic, and rajastic or over-exciting for the nervous system.  

When I first started studying Ayurveda, I had teachers that told me that too. But for me (now that my digestive system is a happy one) coffee is one of those things that makes life worth living, so to give up coffee, would be to give up on life. Melodramatic maybe, but I literally go to sleep every night already excited for my cup of coffee in the morning. Seriously. It's non-negotiable. 

One of the reasons that I get so excited for my coffee now though, is because of the changes I've made in the way I prepare it to make it more Ayurvedic. These little additions have made my morning cuppa insanely delicious, and better for my digestive system!  And, just incase you're wondering, I presented this recipe to my teacher and she said that if one must continue drinking coffee, (and this one must), this would be the way to do it.  ;)

You will need:

- Your Coffee- ground but not yet brewed

- 1 Green Cardamom Pod

- 1 Pinch Ground Cinnamon 

- 6-8 Fennel Seeds

Fennel adds sweetness to the coffee, and soothes the digestive system. The cardamom helps to counteract the acidity in coffee, and the acidity that results in the stomach. It also stimulates appetite without aggravating the digestive system, so it helps those of us who like to enjoy our coffee before breakfast, but end up with no appetite after one cup. The cinnamon aids in this as well, and it also protects and strengthens the intestines. 


1.  Pinch the cardamom pod to crack it, but don't empty out the seeds- you just want it to open a little.  

2.  Add all three spices to your ground coffee, however much you usually make, in whatever way you usually brew it- machine drip, pour over, french press, anything works. 

3.  Brew your coffee as normal, and enjoy! 

I drink my coffee with a bit of heavy cream- it adds a richness that I just can't live without anymore, plus gives me a little good fat to start my day off with. If you prefer your coffee black, a teaspoon of coconut oil can do this too. :)  

Enjoy your morning! <3