Cumin Seed


A remarkably delicious digestive wonderspice

Cumin, or Jira as it’s called in Ayurveda, is another beautiful tridoshic digestive spice.

It's flavor enhances any dish, and does good for any digestive system :) I personally can't get enough of it and would put it in everything if my boyfriend didn't object to it...he's not quite as fond of cumin's warm, nutty earthiness as I am.

In Ayurvedic cooking, the seeds are added to oil at the beginning of your meal preparation, and are heated (but not burned!) so the cumin permeates the whole dish. You can also toast them in a dry skillet and add them at the end to give your dish an additional smokey flavor profile. The seeds are so small and fragrant that they're safe and delicious whole, but powder is a second if you don't have any seeds on hand. I love the flavor so much I've gotten off on a cooking tangent- let's look at the energetic and medicinal qualities of cumin so you can give your loved-ones reasons why you're adding it to everything (as I do mine)!

It aids in slow, sluggish digestion

Helps to digest toxins to be excreted from the body

Aids in nausea or indigestion caused by Vata imbalance

Can help solidify stool if you are suffering from diarrhea

Helps to clear congestion from the chest and head

Aids in relief of inflammation in female reproductive organs

Helps in the process of the production of breast-milk

Cumin is pungent and bitter, with a cooling energy. It is tridoshic, or VPK=, but can exacerbate Pitta in excess. Monitor your intake of cumin if there is inflammation in the digestive system.

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