How Do I Eat For My Dosha?


You aren’t simply what you eat- You are what you digest.

Once you know what your Prakrti (your dosha in balance) and your Vikrti (or your current imbalance) are, you can start to eat certain foods and make small lifestyle changes to help return yourself to a balanced state.

 If you don't know what your dosha is yet, or WHAT a dosha even is for that matter, you can find out here.  The most important and helpful things you can do are to eat foods that are beneficial for your dosha, avoid foods that contribute to your imbalance, and cook food in a way that's pacifying for your imbalance. Here are some basic principles to follow for each imbalance:



Favor  (These calm / pacify Vata)

  • Well-cooked foods

  • Warm foods

  • Soft or soupy foods

  • Oils

  • Warming spices

  • Plenty of water

Eat Fewer  (These aggravate / increase Vata)

  • Dried foods

  • Raw fruits and veggies

  • Undercooked cruciferous veggies

  • Cold foods




  • Cooling foods

  • Cooling spices

Eat Fewer

  • Pungent foods

  • Spicy food

  • Heating foods

  • Heating spices




  • Warming & Heating foods

  • Heating spices

  • Dry foods

  • Raw fruits & veggies

Eat Fewer

  • Cold foods

  • Oils

  • Too much water

  • Sweet foods

  • Heavy food


Understanding how taste (rasa) contributes to or helps to pacify imbalances will do wonders for your ability to balance through food. You can read more about rasa here

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