What Is Pitta?

Pitta Dosha!

Pitta is 1 of the 3 doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, which together form the unique constitution of an individual. If the word dosha, or any of these words for that matter, is totally throwing you off, don't worry, your questions can be answered- take a gander atthis post on doshas and come back to this one after ;)

Pitta is the combined elements of fire and water together, as they manifest in the body. We see Pitta in the body in the processes of digestion and metabolism, in the action of thinking, and in sheer energy.

Pitta In The Physical Sense

The fire element of Pitta keeps the Pitta person's digestion and metabolism burning strong and quick, so they tend not to struggle with weight at all until later in life. Pittas are of average weight, height, and build, and often have auburn, blond, or strawberry blond hair. Their eyes are sharp, perceiving, and medium in size, they often have higher foreheads, and have medium sized lips and teeth. Physically speaking, Pitta's are pretty much medium everything- you name the feature, and chances are it'll be medium in size.

When in balance, Pittas have lustrous skin, eyes, and hair. The water element in Pitta has an unctuous quality to it (unlike the water element of Kapha), which causes their skin to be on the oilier side. This combined with all that fire makes them prone to skin rashes and breakouts when out of balance.

Pittas have such incredible digestion, their stomachs seem to be made of steel when in balance. It seems as though they can eat the spiciest and greasiest of foods and feel fine, so they often do. When it does catch up to them and starts to throw them out of balance, the issues are usually heartburn, overly acidic stomach, or problems in bile production. To learn what kinds of foods are best for Pitta, and other doshas, check out this post on eating for your dosha.

Pitta In The Mental/Emotional Sense

People who are predominate in Pitta are thinkers- they are analytical, critical, and discerning. Pittas are also go-getters by nature. These qualities make them born leaders, and oftentimes when you look at a person in a leadership position, you can easily see the physical qualities of Pitta. In balance, Pittas are bright, discerning, motivated, and active.

When Pitta is out of balance, that is to say, too high, the person can be critical in a judgmental and cynical way, mean-spirited, sharp-tongued, and hot-tempered. They move through life leading with their brains and have to be careful not to ignore their hearts, because their analytical minds can easily take over. It's important to use our brains to think logically about things, to be discerning, to make informed choices, but we can also logic our way into or out of almost anything...including human connection and empathy.

Once again, we all have a mixture of all three doshas in us, and the balance of that mixture is unique to each and every individual. Balancing here does not mean making each dosha equivalent to the others, but rather moving toward the specific beautiful balance you were born with. <3