Transformation from the inside out, from the bottom up

Body Mind Therapy merges movement, touch, and talk, to walk the bridges that join the physical, mental, and emotional. 

Also referred to as a type of Yoga Therapy, Body Mind Therapy allows you to explore the many facets of you- the familiar, the not-so-familiar, the light, the dark, and all the shades in between, with gentle guidance in a safe space and unconditionally loving presence.  

This work is different from traditional counseling in that it is non-directive, self-reflective, non-diagnostic, and non-prescriptive. We don't do the work to "fix" you- You do not need "fixing". We do the work to allow you to process what you’re ready to process, to enhance your experience of yourself and your life, and to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of what's happening in and around you, of how you relate to yourself and others, and of who you are, right now.

Each session is as unique as you are, and is completely catered to your needs in the moment. Sessions can be hands on and involve supportive touch, they can be low-touch, or completely no-touch. You may feel like talking, or you may not say a word the whole session. Whatever shows up for you in the moment is absolutely okay, and will be honored and respected.

Body Mind Therapy is deeply transformative work on it's own, and is also often engaged alongside traditional psychotherapy, and counseling for substance abuse, eating disorders, and PTSD. Whether you're dealing with pain, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, recovery, you want a better understand yourself and your path, or you feel like you just need something in your life to change, this work is for you. 

I offer in person sessions at two locations in West and Central Los Angeles. I am also available to travel to you, if coming to me is not an option. Online sessions are also available, though I do recommend at least one in person session to start.


What Clients Say About Body Mind Therapy

Thank you so much for offering this service! Your energy, touch, and voice were extremely comforting. I didn’t want it to end! I got a deep sense of calm, safety, and relaxation. An invitation to explore deeper personal truths and listen to the messages of my body. For the time of the session, worries melted away- not because I was ignoring them, but because I was addressing the issues with your gentle support. I can’t wait to come back for another session.
— Odetta H., Musician, USA
I didn’t know what to expect from Body Mind Therapy at first, but it has become an incredibly useful tool in self-care for me. My sessions with Sarah have allowed me to process complex feelings in a safe and supportive space. Every session I’ve had has been very different, and suited to my needs in the moment. It is a process that is uniquely challenging and ultimately gratifying.
— Megan E., School Teacher, Washington D.C.
Yoga teaches us the body and mind are intimately connected, so I wasn’t surprised after my first session with Sarah that yoga therapy works on the spiritual and psychological levels just as much as the physical. We worked with dialogue and physical movements that ended up helping me get through a couple of tough mental blocks. She is a competent and compassionate practitioner who I recommend to anyone seeking therapy for the mind-body.
— John L. , Yoga Teacher, The Studio DC, Washington D.C.
I will definitely do this again- The session got me to a place I wouldn’t get to by myself, while feeling empowered to make my own choices for my body and voice. It was much needed, especially in a week where I feel particularly stressed. I feel much less tense than when I came in. I feel more open. I feel more free.
— Brittany K., Writer, Washington D.C.
Sarah is great at asking the right questions. She knows when to encourage me to talk more and when to let me be quiet and process. The combination of physical body positions and talking through sensations and feelings is really informative. Sarah asks interesting and probing questions that help guide me through and explore the underlying causes of my current mental and physical state.
— Simone M., Studio Manager, Washington D.C.