The Seven Main Chakras


The Chakras & Yoga, as per Anodea Judith, From Anodea Judiths’ Chakra Yoga

The Root Chakra

Element: Earth

Principles: Gravity, solidity

Purposes: Foundation, support, stability

Properties: Grounded, solid, steadfast

Body Parts: Legs, feet, bones, large intestine

Practices: Grounding, widening the base, opening the leg channels, strengthening the legs, cultivating stillness, solidity, and stability

Actions: Pushing downward, extending roots, surrendering to gravity

Poses: The base of every pose, but especially relevant to standing poses

Masculine: Roots penetrating earth, pushing energy into matter

Feminine: Drawing nutrients up from the roots, drawing energy from matter

Deficient: Scattered, ungrounded, ephemeral, underweight

Excessive: Heavy, lethargic, overweight

Balanced: Stability, beautiful form


The Sacral Chakra

Element: Water

Principle: Polarity

Purposes: Movement, flow, expansion, pleasure

Properties: Flowing, feeling, changeable, yielding, pleasurable

Body Parts: Hips, sacrum, abdomen, sexual organs, inner thighs, knees, and joints

Practices: Opening and widening the hips, tuning into sensation and feeling as a guide, movement in general, working with polarities

Actions: Inward rotation of thighs, balancing polarities, especially expansion/contraction, rooting down/lifting up, and opening to flow, fun, and play

Poses: Hip openers, forward bends, splits

Masculine: Extending, seeking, penetrating, cleansing, holding

Feminine: Feeling, receiving, attracting, nurturing, passionate

Deficient: Rigid, stiff, dry, numb

Excessive: Poor containment, watery, sloppy, indulgent

Balanced: Full yet contained, graceful movement


The Solar Plexus Chakra

Element: Fire

Principle: Combustion

Purposes: Energy, strength, will, mastery

Properties: Heat, strength, power, deliberateness, energy

Body Parts: Ribs, adrenal glands, solar plexus, digestive organs

Practices: Strengthening the will through discipline, using the polarities to create power, using movement to generate energy, strengthening the core, balancing will and surrender

Actions: Lengthening side bodies, combining matter and movement to generate energy, guiding pranic flow toward desired results, overcoming inertia, practice practice practice.

Poses: Balance, warriors, torso toners, twists, plank

Masculine: Initiating, willing, forcing, making

Feminine: Warmth, dexterity, skill, radiance

Deficient: Weak, passive, tired

Excessive: Controlling, dominating, constantly active

Balanced: Mastery


The HEART Chakra

Element: Air

Principle: Equilibrium

Purposes: Love, dissolution of ego and separateness, expansion

Properties: Softness, openness, expansion, integration, radiance

Body Parts: Chest, lungs, diaphragm, shoulder blades, ribs, heart, respiratory system

Practices: Opening the chest, expanding the breath, surrendering the ego, generosity, forgiveness, empathy, radiating from the core

Actions: Lifting the sternum, shoulders back, pranayama, bandhas

Poses: Chest openers, shoulders openers, breath openers, backbends

Masculine: Protecting, guiding, supporting

Feminine: Giving, nurturing, connecting, joining, radiant

Deficient: Fear of intimacy, judgmental, isolating

Excessive: Codependent, desperate for love and attention

Balanced: Radiant, joyful, generous


The Throat Chakra

Element: Sound, ether

Principle: Sympathetic vibration

Purposes: Communication, purification, refinement

Properties: Harmony, creativity, resonance, coherence, truth

Body Parts: Shoulders, neck, throat, tongue, mouth, ears

Practices: Opening the throat and shoulders, chanting and sounding, vibrating

Actions: Refining vibrations, kriyas, shoulders back, shoulder blades down, head lifted

Poses: Shoulder openers, shoulder stands, headstands, handstands

Masculine: Creating order, distinctions, commanding

Feminine: Listening, creativity, harmonizing

Deficient: Shy, quiet, constricted voice

Excessive: Talks too much, loud, scattered

Balanced: Truth, coherence


The Brow (Third Eye) Chakra

Element: Light

Principle: Luminescence, illumination

Purposes: Insight, guidance, wisdom

Properties: Radiance, beauty, stillness, single-pointed focus, steadiness in core, inner light

Body Parts: Eyes, forehead, pineal gland

Practices: Quieting the mind, focusing the gaze (drishti)

Actions: Centering, stillness, imagination, visualization, pratyahara

Poses: Sitting, balancing, inversions

Masculine: Illumination, revelation, penetrating insight, vision

Feminine: Beauty, intuition, radiance, perception

Deficient: Denial, cynicism, close-mindedness

Excessive: Delusion, hallucination

Balanced: Clarity, vision, wisdom


The Crown Chakra

Element: Consciousness, thought

Principle: Omnipresence, omniscience, truth, consciousness, bliss

Purposes: Awareness, unity with the Devine

Properties: Stillness, emptiness, presence, intelligence, awareness, knowledge, understanding, grace

Body Parts: Head, brain, nervous system in general

Practices: Meditation

Actions: Drawing inward and upward, dharana, dhyana, samadhi

Poses: Sitting still, Savasana, headstand, inversions in general

Masculine: Knowledge, order, emptiness

Feminine: Wisdom, unity, fullness

Deficient: Materialistic, disconnected, cynical

Excessive: Overly intellectual, spiritual addiction, spaciness

Balanced: Realization, grace, enlightenment, bliss