First let me be clear about what this is not: This is not a diet in the way that we're familiar with them. This is not a one-type exercise program. This is not a one-size-fits-all follow the leader program to self improvement, to getting healthier, to losing or gaining weight, to getting fit...although any of those things are likely to happen, depending on your goals.

This is not a onetime appointment, because lasting change takes commitment, and it takes time. But don’t worry if that sounds overwhelming, I’m there to guide you through it every step of the way, as needed.

Being Radically Well is not about punishing your body for not looking and feeling the way you'd like it too. It's not a "tough love" program that whips your body into shape, or starves your body into submission. Because for the most part, that's exactly the opposite of what most of us need. We don't need to work against our bodies, as if they are our enemies.

So that's what this isn't.

Being Radically Well is about working with your body.

It's about stepping up and stepping into your body. It's about understanding your body, nurturing your relationship with your body, and in turn with your whole self. All parts of you will be honored and tended to, but we start with the body, because when we truly nourish and nurture our bodies, everything else starts to follow suit.  

This is a reset for your system, body, mind, and soul. This is a transformation.


How It Works

This is a unique program that is catered to you and your unique needs and goals, while addressing each part of you in the process. And the process here is key. Transformation is change. And change can be really hard. Part of that is because we often approach change in a way that simply doesn't work for us. 

Making real change isn't about what you do, but how you do it. Not only do we each have unique needs for our own level of optimal wellness, but we also have unique needs for the process of getting there. A big part of what you and I do together is determine the WHAT- what to do to get you to meeting your goals, but an even more important part is determining the best HOW for you.

So that’s the strategic part of it all. After that, we work together on the tactical piece. Depending on your program, this may include personalized fitness programs and support, time management strategizing, personalized meditations, individualized self-care practices, meal planning, grocery lists, accountability calls, and more. Like I said, it all depends on what you need.

It takes time, typically 3-6 months at a minimum. This is not a quick fix. There is no real level of change that can ever be a quick fix. This is a program for LASTING change. For transformation. Contact me to schedule a free consultation call to learn more about your unique program.